Galtee strives itself on quality, in all aspects of its business.

Group Overvew:

The Galtee Group is a collection of companies manufacturing wood products for merchants throughout Ireland & the UK. Our main products include Decorative Panel Surfaces, Internal Doors & Kitchen Cabinet Doors & Accessories.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to produce and supply high quality panel products to Merchant base within Ireland, the UK & Europe. Our flexibility & proximity to market are key to this & we aspire to develop our products, processes and services to a level second to none within the sector.

Environmental Awareness:

Galtee has always been environmentally conscious in everything that we do. As a family owned business, in its second generation, we are conscious of sustaining the world’s resources for the generations to come. We aspire to the proper management of the world’s natural resources and promote the use of such resources sensibly. Galtee also initiated an ongoing investment program to continue reducing its carbon footprint. Wood waste within the group is used as a source of heat in production facilities, and sawdust and veneer waste is processed, on site, into bio mass fuel for heat & energy production within the facility. The use of eco-friendly haulage, where possible, as well as many other energy saving measures within the company, helps Galtee in working towards becoming as carbon neutral a supplier as possible.

Research & Development:

Galtee’s most recent major development programme involved not only capital investment, but skills development and new product research and development; the results of which have transformed the company.

Supplier Relations:

At Galtee we believe Supplier relations are of the upmost importance. We have strived to establish long term trading relationships with our suppliers, so we can work hand in hand on new product development, as well as maintaining service levels & continuity of supply.

Customer Service:

Galtee strives itself on quality, in all aspects of its business. This is true also in the level of customer service it provides. Customer relations are key, and Galtee has always prided itself on its quick reaction to customer feedback and market trends. Galtee customers have come to expect and get products & service of the highest quality, as well as design and value, because at Galtee, our number one objective is to be the best.